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I am currently offering to photograph any event for free. Yes: FREE. Obviously, if physical prints are needed, these will not be free, as it will cost me money to print them. However, I will not put any mark-up on them. If all you need is a DVD  of images, then that will be provided for free also.

Why am I doing this? I currently do not have any real wedding photography experience. The only way I can get experience is by doing a wedding. It's a bit of a Catch 22. Due to my level of experience I do not feel comfortable charging for them yet.

If you need a photographer, then please consider me, that is all I ask. I know it is a risk using someone who is not 'established', but I PROMISE to provide the best images that I can - I do not like looking at or taking bad photographs. All the photos on this site were taken by me - please look at them.

If you want to discuss anything, then please get in touch or call 087 4137395. Thank you.

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