Suzanne Behan - Figmentation

Suzanne was diagnosed with high grade stromal sarcoma in 2014, this is a rare , aggressive and quick spreading disease. After multiple surgeries sadly her cancer has now come back in her liver with 3 tumours present on her most recent MRI scan. Suzanne is now facing the fight of her life particularly as surgery that was expected this month has now been postponed in Ireland indefinitely. As there is currently no sarcoma specialist in Ireland at present Suzanne has now been accepted as a patient in Bostons leading Sarcoma treatment hospital. Suzanne has not got the funds to travel to this specialist appointment or for the treatment. LETS GET SUZANNE TO BOSTON ASAP.

Suzanne is a photographer based in County Kildare with a real passion for photography. She has helped me a great deal in expanding my abilities and getting me involved in things I wouldn't have normally done. Most of the modelling photos on my site are only there because Suzanne went to a great deal of effort organising the shoots.

She is now in desperate need of cancer surgery, but it is unlikely that the health service in Ireland will be able to provide it. She is trying to get to Boston in the USA where there are specialists who can perform the necessary surgery.

To this end she has started a Go Fund me appeal. If anyone is able to donate anything, please go to her appeal page.

Thank you.